What is ‘Parasitic Volcano’?

Image from Wikipedia.org

Almost every people knows ‘volcao’, but not all knows ‘parasitic volcano’. So now take some time to know what is ‘Parasitic Volcano’.

Parasitic volcano is also called ‘parasitic cone’ or ‘satellite cone’. In this tern we can think that parasitic volcano is a small volcano attached to boby of main volcano.

According to wikipedia,  parasitic volcano(satellite cone) is a geographical feature found around a volcano. When the vent is blocked by cooled and solidified lava, the molten lava beneath will be forced to flow out of the lines of weakness at the side of the volcano under pressure, forming a small satellite cone.

In image we can see the parasitic volcano(numbered 11).

There’re about 260 parasitic volcanoes around Mt. Etna in Italy, and at least 360 around Mt. Halla in Cheju island, South Korea


First posting – What This Blog’s For?

This Blog is for introduce so many parasitic volcanos in Cheju island, South Korea.

There’re almost 360 parasitic volcanos in Cheju island and I’ll introduce them one by one.

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